Divine Sovereign Decree

The Divine Sovereign Decree is about taking

back control of who you truly are (allodial – allodium) title from the “piracy of the high seas” and the powers behind that.

The Divine Sovereign Decree is about taking (reconveying) back your own land, your body and your Divine Sovereign vessel body temple. You cannot take anything back (your property, your ALL CAPS name) until you have taken back who you truly are. And it all starts with you taking back your own land, your own Sovereign Estate ie: your physical body, trust and Soul.

It is important that you comprehend that there are only contracts and the illusion of law. The purpose of the Divine Sovereign Decree is to contract out from the deception of your birth certificate. We are now awakening to this deception and taking control back of what is truly ours, our sacred body temple/land for the free-will right to make informed choices by informed consent.

The Book of Life

The Book of Life

and Divine Sovereign Decree

We have to protect the children of this world and the Divine and the Company of Heaven have created a sword of protection to come home to Source Love, to Christ or to Unity Consciousness. The liberation from a prison planet into the Golden age of Love, Wisdom and Sovereignty.

For those of the various faiths, the Divine Sovereign Decree is your entry into the “Book of Life” mentioned in the opening of the 7th Seal of Revelation.

For those of you from any spiritual traditions or indigenous lore, the Divine Sovereign Decree is the activation of the “Excalibur Programme” as a document of the Divine Sword of Justice and Protection of every human soul.

The Divine Sovereign Decree is non-denominational because it comes direct from One Source Creation, without infiltration of beliefs or credo. It is the essence of Absolute Truth and Divine Liberation, especially for this time.

Taking to the streets in protest is not the revolution of love. As much as we admire everyone’s passion and the desire to stand up and make a difference, this “revolution” is an inner journey into your own “evolution” of Sovereignty. Your Sovereignty is your natural birth-right from Source and it was taken away from you when you were born on this planet. It is now time to rightfully reclaim and take back what is rightfully and unalienably yours. Your unalienable rights can never be taken away, but they temporarily have been taken away and now it is time to reclaim what is rightfully yours. And you have to claim it. You have to step up and reclaim it and take back what is rightfully yours, including your children.

How it works

How it works

The Divine Key

The Divine Sovereign Decree changes your status from the jurisdiction of this prison planet to the jurisdiction of Source Love. It is time to rise up out of duality, to rise up out of contest, and rise up inwardly out of contracts that were put upon you without you knowing and become your own supreme authority over what happens to your sacred body and sacred land and divine sovereign estate.

When you change jurisdiction you cannot be harmed or monetised as a soul. You cannot be owned. Nature can never be owned or patented, we are temporary guardians of this good Earth and our sacred children.

When you change jurisdiction to Source Love your children become your property and if anyone wants to contract with you or your children, then that contract is subject to a lien which is payable to the you as a Sovereign as a deterrent to avoid contract or contest. The terms and conditions of the Divine Sovereign Decree are such that if any entity, statutory body wants to contract with you or your children, then they would have to pay £100 trillion Euros, £’s of $’s backed by the value of gold into your account. By declaring these as your terms and conditions the entity or statutory body would then have to decide if they cannot afford that huge amount of money to contract with you and your divine sovereign estate. 99% of the time you, your children and your divine sacred land (your body and bodies of your children), country and sovereign estate would be “too expensive” to contract with. So no contract, treaty or consent will be given to anything that violates your unalienable rights and more importantly your informed consent.

Bonds have been created off your straw-man name, your higher case legal fiction, your name in all capital letters that bills are sent to, the name on your birth certificate. Your birth certificate is a bond created on your soul and your ability to produce energy during your lifetime. Your ability to produce energy under ownership of the birth certificate is your SLAVERY. It is time to unshackle the bonds of slavery and rise up inwardly into your own soul sovereignty and protect yourself and the ones you love.

When you do your Divine Sovereign Decree you rescind all contracts and burdens put upon your soul, body and mind.

A constitution is a contract and unless your name is written on any constitution or any Magna Carta it does not apply to you. Your name has to be on the constitution or the Magna Carta to be able to wield its power. So in effect the Divine Sovereign Decree becomes your own individual constitution or Magna Carta and Decree with your terms and conditions and your entry into the “Book of Life” because it raises you from the dead at sea status of maritime law and resurrects you into the Land of the Living Man, Living woman and Living child. The Living Man, Woman and Child is your resurrection, your salvation and your Sovereignty.

It is time to reclaim your own constitution, your own Magna Carta, your own sacred divine body and be free, liberated in mind, body and spirit and most of all, to protect our children in Love, Wisdom and Sovereignty.

How Did Our Bodies and Souls Become Property?

How Did Our Bodies and Souls Become Property?

In 1302, Rome made a decree by Pope Boniface VIII, that ALL SOULS and creatures will be owned by Rome under the papal bull UNAM Sanctam. That declaration still stands today, unless you rescind it and reclaim your Divine Sovereign right. In essence, Rome claimed us and no one spoke up. To surmise this ancient Papal decree as follows:

“Pope Boniface VIII announced that he would depose Philip if need be and issued the bull Unam Sanctam (‘One Holy’),the most famous papal document (bill of rights) of the Middle Ages, affirming the authority of the pope as the heir of Peter and Vicar of Christ over all human authorities, spiritual and temporal.” (Soul and Body)

That includes you, your body and soul through every lifetime since 1302. For those of you that
under/innerstand the true history of Earth, you will know that the corruption and manipulation dates back
much further. The way they have executed this claim over the people of Earth, is by issuing a birth certificate and a heel prick test to every baby and soul coming to to this Planet. So effectively, these documents say that you are owned by Rome, mind, body and spirit/soul. A blood bond and covenant was created in your name at birth and then sent to Rome. Your name then became a “corporation” and for information on this,
please see the FAQ section.

The Divine Sovereign Decree breaks you free of this imposed overlord ownership. The only way they could take your consent on this was when you were a baby and could not speak for yourself and through the programming, your parents “to do the right thing”, contracted you into this agreement without really knowing what they were doing. It was just the done thing. If you don’t register a new born within two weeks of birth with a name, the potential fine is £1000.00. Why do you think that is?

Free Will Universe

We live in a free-will universe and if anything is imposed on us like mandatory vaccines or anything else that we do not want to consent to, we should be able to have a choice. That is the law of this universe, free will and informed consent. No one should be able to do anything to you without your free-will consent. But sadly under the birth certificate system and heel prick test, they can do whatever they like to you. Fact. To clarify, under the papal decree, that all souls and creatures are owned by Rome, our perceived rights are nullified. It is time to make a stand Beloved people of Earth. It is time to reclaim your soul and bloodline back from Rome and stand in your Divine Sovereign power, harness your full energy and to be able to exercise your free-will however you like as long as you are not causing, harm, loss, injury or suffering.


By doing the Divine Sovereign Decree, you are declaring that you are in the jurisdiction of the divine and not under papal overlord control that you had no knowledge of, until now. And we are not talking about religion or creed. Whether you are Muslim, Hindu, of Jewish faith, Buddhist or other faith or denomination, this still applies to you. God’s law is God’s law no matter what the belief or faith. Once you have done your decree you are then back in control of your body, mind and spirit.You have consciously released yourself and “OPTED OUT” from the blood bond contract of the heel prick test and you have opted out of the “dead at sea” status that your birth certificate has you under. Yes you read that right. Your birth certificate, effectively in the eyes of the controllers, says that you are DEAD at SEA. Also known as the Holy See of the Vatican. So, in order to raise yourself from this DEAD status, your Divine Sovereign decree resurrects you from this status back to being alive, with blood coursing through your veins and a heart beat. You reclaim your Divine Sovereign Sacred Land, which is your sacred body temple.

Rise and Unite The Tribe of Indigenous Sovereigns

You then RISE from the dead, effectively on paper and become the living man, woman or child which you divinely are. Divinely Sovereign and Free. This is extremely powerful. When you reclaim this you are then out of the jurisdiction of the controllers and back in the jurisdiction of God/Source/Universal Law.

What this means is that if anyone comes to you, wanting to stick a needle into your body, with a vaccination that may be harmful to you in the name of freedom, you can say I am not in your jurisdiction anymore.

If you vaccinate me against my free will you are in breach of contract as I have reclaimed my Divine Sovereignty and have full free will choice about what I consent to being in my body or not.

If you come near my body with a needle then you are by intent causing me harm, loss, suffering and unnecessary duress. If you are enforced and held down to take the needle against your free-will consent then ALL the spiritual equity and KARMA will instantly be returned to the ones doing this and it will be instant Divine Retribution all the way back to the original creator of this enforcement.


The Divine Sovereign Decree puts you back in control of your body, mind and spirit and allows you to rightfully and lawfully exercise your free-will as long as you are not causing loss, harm or suffering to any living thing. This is Universal Law! It allows you to make this declaration of freedom to the ones that would wish to control you and exempt yourself from their control. Slaves no more!
Please be aware that there was a term coined called “SOVEREIGN CITIZEN”. This is a very dangerous paradox. You cannot be a Sovereign and a Citizen at the same time.

You are either a Sovereign or a Citizen. You cannot be both and people have gone to prison for trying to declare that they are both.

What we are teaching you here is to become A Divine Sovereign. A living sentient being, with a soul and inalienable rights that is not owned. Royal by bloodline and divine.

The design of this matrix is that everything is here in plain sight for us to decode when we are ready to decode it. When we reclaim our divine sovereignty it cannot be disputed. There is absolutely nothing the other side can do to us once we have done this because we take back control of ourselves. So don’t feel afraid to do this, it is your God-given right to see this for what it is, a massive duping on humanity and once you see it, you cannot unsee it. So therefore it is time for you to exercise your divine right to be Sovereign and free.

Motu Proprio

In 2013 Pope Francis, as Vicar of Christ, issued an apostolic letter called the Motu Proprio. The Divine Sovereign Decree document upholds the power of the Motu Proprio written by Pope Francis on July 11, 2013. Motu proprio refers to a document issued by the pope, on his own initiative and personally signed by him. In this case it recognizes the supremacy of the Golden Rule, the same teaching ascribed to Jesus Christ (Yeshua /Ben / Joseph) and the intimate connection to the Rule of Law, that all are subject to the Rule of Law and no one is above the law.

Breaking The Spell

Therefore this document breaks the spell of the Dark agenda completely, and brings a layer of protection to those working to attain higher levels by reclaiming our bloodline back and proclaiming and declaring our bloodline as sacred and making our body temple sacred land and sacrosanct. This revolution is a peaceful one. It is what all the great battles of the history books have been about. Wars to separate us, wars over who owns what and a great distraction from this inalienable right to be free. William Wallace, Boadicea and all the great warriors of our time were wanting us to be free from Rome and to have our freedom and right to be at peace.

Love & Action

This time we go into battle in a different way. We do not take to the streets, we do not fight with force or violence, we use Divine knowledge and Love as our weapons of choice and our God given free-will and we stand up as Divine Sovereigns one at a time until everyone is back into the jurisdiction of Source.

This is by Divine Decree. This time we are not going to defend our land that we stand upon. We will not be seduced into separation by country and borders. Remember, we are ONE. We will defend our sacred land, our body temple and we choose what goes into that. We and our sacred bodies are the secret to winning this war individually, one by one, Sovereign by Sovereign we will stand in our power and free-will and
NO ONE, no one can take that from you/us. The game is up.


It’s then and only then, we reclaim our Divine Sovereignty en masse through the tipping point, 100th monkey effect and critical mass. We will then set our Beloved land beneath our feet, the very ground we walk upon, Mother Gaia, Planet Earth and all her consciousness contained upon her Sovereign and Free. We will be serving 144,000 Divine Sovereign Decrees, all at the same time, within the first wave, to the so called powers that ( WILL NOT) be, cannot with stand the paper work and the colossal wave of positive and free energy that will rush through their crumbling system like a tsunami of Love.
Welcome to the true ascension process. Where we go one, we go all. We are all in this together to liberate ourselves and our Beloved Mother Earth.


Invitation to Build Divine Sovereign Communities

We are inviting professionals from all walks of life, whether medical, law, agriculture and all professionals to make themselves known to us, who wish to participate in Divine Sovereign Communities. We recognise in today’s world there are many wonderful people going against their integrity, their own inner knowing and truth and their conscience and as a result are leaving valuably trained positions and exiting the system because their conscience cannot allow them to continue. If you are a trained professional and would like to be a part of the rebuilding of the medical, lawful or any other professional system, where you are free to continue your work having a clear conscience that you are making this world a better place, please do contact us immediately, as your skills and experience will be needed for the days, months and years ahead. Please write to us here AcademyofDivineSovereignty@protonmail.com and make yourself known to us once you have completed your Divine Sovereign Decree. If you are still applying for your Divine Sovereign Decree, please indicate your profession and willingness to help.

Supporting Documentation and Training
In order to support you fully through this process we are currently offering the creation of extensive support documentation, training, and information on to how to use the Divine Sovereign Decree, how to exercise it’s full right, and how to serve it to the powers that were. If you wish to apply for our courses across the world please write to AcademyofDivineSovereignty@protonmail.com
WE are the Sovereign power now. No harm, no loss, no suffering, no injury and the right to exercise our free-will through conscious and informed consent.