The Loving Core

At the Loving Core, we believe that trauma can be healed

with great love, compassion and lots of TLC.

This is why we came up with the name as TLC is the focus of our trauma aware therapy and methodology.

The Loving Core is about Having a different relationship with yourself. Your True Self. This is a deeply transformative Residential Healing Journey for physical, mental, spiritual, emotional & behavioural Sovereignty.

Our Story

Our Story

The Loving Core

We are a loving team of survivors who have found ways to heal ourselves and others. We believe the systems of the world are not equipped to deal with trauma effectively and so we have created our own trauma-aware healing program of healing that has worked for us and many others. Our methods work very quickly.

Our Core Mission & Values

Our Core Mission & Values

The Loving Core

In this modern day era, no one should be suffering as a result of any kind of trauma. We are entering a time known as the golden age, where sickness and suffering will become a thing of the past. There is no room for fear or trauma in the new timeline which is built on Love. We have seen the power of unconditional love in action and how it can heal the whole body, mind and soul.

Our Team

Our Team

The Loving Core

We have a multi-disciplinary approach from transpersonal psychology, trauma-informed methodologies, somatic healing, quantum healing and spiritual technologies that makes our system unique and highly successful. We address your whole being, wounds and all, through the acknowledgment of your mind, body, spirit, somatic, light body and quantum multidimensional parts of your True self.

Our Participants

Our Participants

Our residential treatment is all about showing you who you truly are.

We do not put pressure on our participants to stop or change anything, all we ask is that you come with an open mind and heart and let us show you over 4 days, who you truly are. Our healing programs are all about having a new and different relationship with yourself. We can guarantee you at the end of the 4 days you will know exactly who you are and you will have a very different relationship with yourself and more loving relationships with your friends, family, habits and any addictions you had that you never thought for a moment you could give up. We are not asking you to give up anything, all we are doing is asking you to come and learn who you truly are. Then watch the transformation occur. We recognise the high demand for cost effective residential treatment with lasting and real change. The pandemic has done a lot of damage to our mental health, our children and teens as we hear of more and more teens committing suicide from the lack of connection during lockdowns and other traumas. Also social media has played a huge part in teens feeling depressed after being bullied online. We also recognise that trauma during the ages of 0 – 7 can create problems in later life and so we cater to everyone after the age of 13 who is showing signs of trauma affecting their everyday life.

Our Treatment Philosophy

If we suffered a childhood trauma or series of traumatic events between the ages of 0 and 7, then this trauma shapes the rest of our lives.

This trauma tells us the world is not a safe place, when it actually is, its just that through the trauma your core belief becomes “I am not safe in this world”. These childhood trauma’s affect the very core of our being and are known as Core Wounds. Around 70% of the population of the Earth has suffered this kind of trauma. Our philosophy is that too often we see teens and adults suffering from childhood trauma, then to be labelled with a disorder, whether personality based, addictive through escapism or behavioural. These disorders and subsequent addictions and behaviours are all shaped by childhood trauma, yet the symptoms are only addressed through the system, rather than the cause.

We believe at TLC that the core wound needs to be addressed and healed in order for the symptoms to disappear. We also believe that the Core Wound is a deeply spiritual wound that needs real loving, tenderness and compassionate care. We also appreciate that there are varying degrees to childhood trauma and many of them so traumatic that they cannot be re- visited and many unwilling to revisit that trauma and avoid it at all costs. At TLC we take a psychological, somatic, spiritual and quantum scientifc approach that negates the revisitation of trauma to heal it. We work at a psychological, somatic and spiritual level to rewire the core wound, bringing it back to balance and deleting the limiting beliefs, unwanted programs and destructive patterns that surround the core wound creating dysregulation and dysfunction.

We also appreciate the importance that the Vagus nerve carries, the largest nerve in the body is deeply affected during childhood trauma and so our system addresses resetting the Vagus Nerve Tone, through sound, light, quantum healing and many new methodologies that create a sense of balance back to the central nervous system, thus creating a living core of light. When trauma happens in childhood it creates a fragmented inner child false self. These fragmentations are similar to what a smashed mirror would look like. The once smooth refection seen in the mirror gets fragmented and distorted and the mirror of the self becomes fractured and flled with false and limiting beliefs about oneself.

Perhaps you feel damaged or unlovable or unable to feel anything, or perhaps emotional dysregulation occurs where you feel everything too much or you overthink everything into the negative.These are all common beliefs and symptoms that stem from a shattered inner child self. Our role is to bring the mirror back to clarity of who you truly are, which is a magnifcent being with extraordinary gifts, talents and powers. It is time to lift the lid off your pain and suffering and be who you are meant to be and live the life you are meant to live.

Combining Methodologies

We create an authentic spiritual sanctuary for lasting transformation. Too often we see diagnoses being given out on traits and symptoms and we rarely hear of the cause being addressed. This has to change as we believe trauma is the gateway to any disease and addiction. When the trauma is addressed in a loving, safe and compassionate environment, then the real work can begin. And the work is only one part of discovery, yet there are many ways to deliver a soul from pain and suffering caused by trauma. Our main message is “We Believe You and We are Here to Help You.”


Mainstream Methodologies

Psychology and DBT. Dialectical behavioural therapy is an evidence-based psychotherapy that began with efforts to treat personality disorders, and interpersonal conficts. There is evidence that DBT can be useful in treating mood disorders, suicidal ideation, and for change in behavioral patterns such as self-harm and substance use. Dialectical Behavioural Therapy is a very effective way to assist trauma survivors with tools and also a listening ear to be heard and believed. We are shocked to hear of how so many survivors have been disbelieved, especially when they spoke up as children.

Transpersonal Psychology.

Transpersonal psychology is a label for a type of psychological theory that embraces a wide variety of ideas that have nothing to do with religion and everything to do with the mind and behaviour. Transpersonal psychology looks at the whole human experience. While not all defnitions of transpersonal psychology are exactly the same, there are several key factors that fgure into most explanations of this feld. These include spirituality, higher potential, transcendence and other higher states of consciousness. Our transpersonal psychologist is Professor Jewels Maloney, Faculty at Masters degree of Transpersonal Psychology at Atlantic University. Jewels will offer an aftercare package after the retreat to help you with the mental body and any belief systems that keep you from being your true authentic core self.


Trauma-informed care seeks to understand a participants unresolved trauma and how it is related to issues such as addiction, depression, and anxiety. Trauma can refer to issues that were one-time occurrences, such as being the victim of a natural disaster or a crime, as well as suffering prolonged trauma due to domestic violence, child abuse, or military combat exposure. Hypnosis is a gentle and effective evidence-based tool to heal trauma while addressing a patient’s unique spiritual, cultural, and personal needs. It is often used alongside Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), or other forms of counselling. Our Hypnotherpist is Karl Anthony from the Karl Anthony Method and he will be present during the retreat to work with the “startle refex reset” which allows your central nervous system to begin healing from trauma.


Spiritual and Quantum Technologies.

We address the whole being and that includes the myriad of facets that make up your multidimensional being. We are operating in many dimensions and realities simultaneously and so our approach covers all aspects of self in the seen and unseen worlds. Our Spiritual and Quantum Specialists are Stellar, John.

Deliverance & Resurrection Methodologies.

We are not just our bodies and mind, we have a soul and spirit too and this is the most powerful part of the human design that often gets neglected in any part of healing trauma. Over time more and more therapists are starting to recognise Abuse Syndromes as not only a psychological attack on the system of a person, but also an onslaught onto the spirit. When a traumatic event happens, the soul or spirit leaves the body for an instant as the pain or trauma can be too much to bear. Often in these highly traumatic events the soul can cause the mind to split to create a safe zone, whilst the soul is dealing with the trauma event and trying to get back inside the body again. During this split, the mind can create an altered state of perception that allows it to hold on to reality whilst the trauma is happening. Later on these safe zones can be called alters or different and distinct new parts of the personality that are different from the main personality and we often see this in OCD, BPD and DID participants

Emotional Bypassing of Extreme Trauma.

When we have forgotten to open our hearts, we often bypass painful memories or emotions and the brain naturally locks down trauma into a compartmentalized "safe zone" in the mind and consciousness blocks it out. By opening our hearts to the power of Love, we can allow spirit to become whole again, healing all fractures and splits of the inner child. We have a vast array of experience and success in this type of therapy and work, because we work with the core of the trauma and release it without the revisitation of trauma which is the kindest and most compassionate way of healing extreme trauma.

Somatic approach.

Somatic Therapy for Mind, Body and Spirit. Also known as somatic experiencing and somatic experiencing therapy, somatic therapy incorporates the mind, body, and spirit into therapeutic healing work. Somatic therapy aims to treat the effects of PTSD and other mental and emotional health issues through the connection of mind and body and uses a body-centric approach. Unlike standard mental health therapy types like DBT that focus prominently on the mind, somatic therapy incorporates body-oriented modalities such as dance, breath-work, yoga, sound and meditation to support delegates through their healing journeys. In addition, somatic experiencing therapy sessions include talking therapy, massage and therapeutic touch, trauma specifc yoga asanas & mind-body exercises. This therapy aims to help release how a physical body holds on to stress, tension, and trauma in the water memory of the cells of your body, rather than only resolving problems verbally. Also Somatic work with scientifcally validated sound and breath-work and cold water therapy can reset a very important nerve in the body called the Vagus nerve, which often gets disrupted through any traumatic experiences. So a resetting of the body’s natural rhythms is an essential part of this healing and transformation. Our Somatic Specialist is Stellar who creates music that specifcally targets the central nervous system and the emotional body. Her music is scientifcally proven to de-stress, rewire and rebalance emotions, moods and symptoms of trauma at any level.


Venue and Dates

The Power of Nature and Mother Earth.

Our Venue...

Our Venue...

is a magnifcent Spa Hotel nestled in the heart of the Kerry Mountains overlooking the spectacular and heart opening Killarney National Park in Ireland. A Mystical Place. Staying at the Aghadoe Heights Hotel & Spa doesn’t just mean panoramic views from the windows; step outside and you’ll be stepping into a place steeped in ancient history and a magical landscape that is healing just by looking at it.

You might just want to sit for your frst day in awe of nature that surrounds you. Aghadoe was viewed as a special, spiritual place. The Paps Mountains, visible from the hotel, were called ‘Dhá Chíoch Danu’ in Gaelic, which means ‘the two breasts of Danu’. This was the name of the Celtic female goddess, who was regarded as the mother of the gods. The frst inhabitants of Ireland, the ‘Tuatha Dé Danann’, were named after her.

The Celts didn’t see their splendid landscape as just a fne view. They were deeply spiritual, and these woods, mountains and lakes were loaded with magical and mysterious signifcance. They represented messages of life and fertility, with the Paps’ two breast-shaped hills interpreted as symbols of female power.

Aghadoe overlooks Lough Lein, which was called the ‘lake of learning’ because it was a major educational centre attracting pupils from all over Europe between 900 and 1000AD. Lough Lein and the surrounding area plays a pivotal role in Irish mythology; in one of its greatest stories, Oisín and Niamh ‘went west’ from Lough Lein over the mountains to Tír na N-og, ‘the land of eternal youth’.

It has a world class award winning spa, pool and jacuzzi complex and our resident chef with be serving amazing light living food during this process to help you balance proper nutrition with a healthy core of the real and authentic You.

Treatment Options For Adults

TLC Residential 4 Days at the Aghadoe Heights Luxury Spa and Resort, Killarney, Ireland.

Option 1


Full board, breakfast, lunch and dinner. (Light Living Foods)

Luxury Twin Room Shared accommodation at the Aghadoe Heights Hotel - Somatic Spa Package Personalised Massage Treatment- Relaxing

Full use of the Spa Suite

Option 2


Own Accommodation, lunch & dinner. (Light Living Foods)

Somatic Spa Package Personalised Massage Treatment- Relaxing - Booked by appointment use of the Spa Suite

Personalised Massage- Relaxing


*We will be holding a variety of retreats across the world in all sorts of different retreat spaces and different standards of hotels to suit everyones budget. * Please enquire for more information.

Teen Loving Core Options Ages 13-25.
TLC Teen and Supportive Parent Retreat please get in touch for a consultation