Join me on zoom over 7 weeks to journey to the 7 Quantum Cosmic Temples of the Goddess.

Over 7 weeks we will journey through the heart to the cosmic temples of light. Each journey being an initiation into the higher realms of Goddess Consciousness to be embodied for this time. On these cosmic quantum journeys you will receive your divine soul blueprint and access to your soul origins in order to evolve your souls mission here on the Earth at this time.

We have never been able to reach this consciousness from the Earthly realm before and so each journey will gift you with insights, attunements, sound codes and expansions that allow you to fulfil your new earth missions with ease and grace.

These ancient Hyperborean Temples hold the Golden Age blueprints and so you will be given keys and codes and downloads to upgrade your mission. Each journey will last approx 1 hour and there are 7 in total over 7 weeks. They will not be recorded as this is something you have to attend live in the moment.