Join us for a stunningly beautiful week long immersion into the Mysteries and Wisdom of the Magdalene in Southern France this summertime.

The album The Magdalene Codes Vol. 2 will be recorded in the caves and churches along the way. So bring your best singing voice for this new beautiful & sacred work.

We will retrace the footsteps of the Magdalene and visit her places of profound healing and ceremony. In this retracing we will take precious time to remember her wisdom within us and re-activate all that was forgotten to embody the “One Heart” once again.

Focusing mainly on the caves and waters of the Magdalene, where the use of sound is at its most potent, we will remember the ancient technologies of Love of the Divine Feminine in authentic leadership from the Soul and Divine Sovereignty.

Places of interest that we will visit:

– The Gorge De Galamus and Hermitage De Galamus, The Cave of Mary Magdalene

– Troul des Caunes, sacred initiation site of Mary Magdalene and the Sisterhood of the Rose

– The Church of Mary Magdalene Rennes Les Chateau & Tour Magdala

– Rennes Les Bains (bathing in ancient thermal springs)

– Isis Initiation Throne and sacred well

– Fountain De L’Amour

– Mount Bugarach, Essene mystery school and stargate.

– Abbey of St. Martin, ancient Essene resting place.

Your host Stellar is a sacred songstress who uses sound and frequency to activate and initiate from the lineage of the Rose. She has recorded at many sacred sites around the world, including the great pyramid in Egypt and she will be singing in the Magdalene caves and grottos and inviting you to do the same, toning, harmonising and sounding with the Divine Feminine vibration. She is in Hieros-Gamos Union with her Beloved John and both will be co-hosting this incredible sacred journey together in Divine Union.

Perpignan – Perillos – Caune Initiation Cave of the Sisterhood of the Rose – Galamus Gorge and Galamus Church Cave – Magdalene Scrolls – Gorge de Verdoubles (deva pools) – Cathar Castle Peyreperteuse – French Chateau – Rennes Les Bains Isis Initiation Chair – Thermal Waters (sacred water blessings) – Rennes Les Chateau – Mary Magdalene Church – Mary Magdalene Cave – Fontaine des Amors – Fountain of Love Rose Water Initiation – Pic Bugarach – Montsegur – Cathar Castles – Essene Mystery School – Pyranees – Abbey of Saint Martin de Canigou – Sacred Resting place of the Essenes – Secret Codes of Illumination – Magdalene Codes Vol II.

Itinerary on request at email:  info@stellarascensionacademy.com

Limited spaces.

We look forward to seeing you in the Sacred Land of the Magdalene. ❤

Love John & Stellar ❤