Join us for a truly life-changing event where we will spend 2 days in an immersive online retreat into the Christed Self.

The Hieros Gamos online retreat is a trauma healing process that will help you to realise your true, Christed self.

This powerful process provides a sacred space for you to heal your inner child and discover your highest potential.

The process of Hieros Gamos is based on the ancient mystery school teachings of Mother – Father God in Divine Union. It is a journey of self-discovery that will help you to access your own divine power, wisdom and inner balance.

This transformational process has already helped hundreds of people to heal their lives and reach their full potential. Now it is time for you to discover the power of your pure potential and the Divine Union within, as we walk the timeline of Divine Love of the New Earth.

What you can expect on this 2 day retreat immersion.

  • Full integration, healing and completion of the fragmented inner child. This may have happened through early life trauma and is now available for accelerated healing and integration through the Divine Mother essence.
  • Receiving the Unique Sound Codes of the Divine Mother to restore your original God-Self Template.
  • The resurrection of your body from the death principle to eternal life principle through the Divine Sovereign Decree which helps to free the soul, blood, bones and organic tissue from intergenerational blood covenants and contracts.
  • The spinal realignment of the C7 vertebra to accommodate the New Earth energy streams.
  • The Emerald Crown of Albion and your Royal Seal and scroll of the New Earth.
  • The 144 Sonic Colour Codes of the New Earth Primary colour spectrum template.
  • New Earth High White Magic Consciousness.
  • White Flame Initiation into Creator/Creatrix 7D Consciousness.
  • Transformation from base 10 mathematics to base 12 Tree of Life Octahedron.
  • Re-Genesis Codes of Isis for the New Earth Diamond Sun Template of Christ and Christos Consciousness.

and much, much more.

This retreat is for everyone whether in Heirogamic Union in the physical or not yet re-united with their Divine Counterparts. It is open to all genders and you will be held in a deeply safe and compassionate space whilst these massive upgrades and downloads transpire.

Your Hosts are John and Stellar who are in a Hierogamic Earthly Union and are Universal Ascension specialists and Universal Gatekeepers.

Expect massive change and a complete shift in consciousness and physiology after this event and make sure you have time to rest and integrate afterwards.

The retreat will be held over a 2 day period weekend retreat. Expect 3-4 hours on zoom on the Saturday and 4 hours on the Sunday in full facilitation.

Please enrol via stellar432@gmail.com

There will be plenty of breaks and rests, meditations, live sound activations and emanations and cosmic quantum journey’s in order to facilitate this level of work swiftly and completely.

If you have any questions please contact us and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.

Email stellar432@gmail.com

In loving service to the next level,

Love John & Stellar.

Financial gift energy exchange £555.00

What others are saying about this weekend immersion retreat:

"This Works. I am Absolutely 100% backing this Enormously Important work. Put simply.... It's Life Changing. If you are feeling it... Do it. Since taking part only 9 days ago, the Shifts, the Writings and Recordings I have been keeping, (for my own records for now), are staggering. Healing the Trauma's, for our Divine Evolution... its Utterly PowerFull!"
“I wasn’t sure what to expect from this retreat, only that I was called to be there. And I am SO GLAD the Universe led me to this brilliant light of a group. I’ll admit, I was a bit hesitant and nervous, because I figured everyone would be waaaay more “enlightened” than me, but the gentle womb-like nature of the space that John, Stellar and Lynn held was perfect. I felt challenged yet guided. Just as high as I went up, I was brought back safely and gently in return to our virtual space. All I know is…after this retreat—I DID NOT WANT TO LEAVE. I also had a few (pleasant) surprises along the way (won’t spoil them for you) and plenty of upgrading—even if I can’t put my finger on HOW or WHY I feel more glowing. But I know I do. It’s as if 10 years of crap has been lifted out of me. Any hesitation? Toss those out to the 3-D world and join this retreat…I would take it MONTHLY if I could!"
During the first day of the retreat my heart opened so big like never before. I already had a massive heart but it now was filling the room. The peace was so immense that I felt I was floating. The inner child meditation was powerful and I could feel the healing and nurturing into a balanced adult held in pure love. I felt empowered and at peace with a love I had never felt before. The hieros gamos union gave me what I had been looking/ searching for all this lifetime. The true teachings were very clear and understanding / remembering sacred creation was so powerful and cosmic I have no words to explain my emotions. They go way past bliss way higher than anything I've experienced. My passion and my purpose is anything I choose as I have many but my main focus has been and still is anything without a voice that is not heard - animals and the earth and how to heal and rebalance - make a positive improvement the wellbeing - now I have the ultimate highest healing and creative skills returned . I feel free, full and complete. I am still integrating all the new codes and look forward to using the plasma for creation. Thank you Lynn, Stellar and John for bringing this forward. Being the true and purest way showers. I send you all so much love and gratitude.
As a newly awakened soul with no spiritual upbringing, I found this immersive retreat to be more than what I thought could be possible to experience in this lifetime. I am immensely and eternally grateful for each of the divine nudges, mentor pairings, and synchronicities that led me here. One by one, carefully laid out for me, that guided me to this team of divine souls and finally, I felt at home. This is the most Divine Journey into receiving and embodying unconditional love to the one millionth degree! An experience of a lifetime!
I don’t even know where to begin to express what an amazing retreat this was. Absolutely life changing is an understatement. I felt an immediate shift within the first day. I felt everything that was still weighing me down being completely lifted off and I feel more energized, inspired and absolutely joyful. I know deep down within my heart that I am whole and complete. Fully satiated, no words can express. The immense love that I feel for myself and for all. This is unlike any other retreat you will experience. This will truly liberate your soul and gift you back your true light so you once again dream in your version of heaven on earth. Incredible souls here to truly assist everyone out of the darkness and the shackles that weigh us down. They are the cosmic liberators of humanity.
This is Beyond words, you are transported to heaven. The most beautiful gift you can give to yourself and your beloved within. I just participated in the first group this weekend and it is nothing like I have ever experienced before.