The New Earth is about mastering personal and cosmic reality. ❤
We are multi-dimensional beings through the sacred gateway and stargate of the Heart. ❤ As a collective we have never reached this juncture of consciousness before and so a little guidance goes a long way.
The Emerald Founder Record Cloister Dora-Teura Plates have been successfully returned to humanity and have been installed in various locations and Cosmic Chrystalline Temples of Light around the Earth. There are 12 in total and they are bringing forth massive amounts of data and information that is over 250,000 years old. Merging with your cosmic multi-dimensionality is how you access these ancient teachings. And you are many things in many forms across this multi-versal reality.
These teachings are accessed through your heart in Zero-Point consciousness.
Join myself and John for a series of guided journey’s to access this innate wisdom that we all have access to now.
Please message for details.
Love and blessings to all ❤
Stellar & John. ❤