White Flame Ascended

The Temple of the White Flame is a sacred space of purity and wisdom. It is home to the High Priests of Shambhala, and is a gateway to the 7D consciousness. The Temple is filled with the energy of the Great Mother and the Creatrix, Sophia. It is a place of healing and transformation, where we can connect with our highest selves. The Inner Earth Masters are guardian beings who protect and guide us on our journey. They are here to help us awaken to our true potential and awaken to our Divine nature. The Temple of the White Flame is a powerful tool for attaining purity and sacred wisdom. It is said to be one of the most potent creative and morphogenetic fields in existence. The temple is home to High Priests who are sworn to protect its secrets, and it is a gateway to 7D Gaia Sophia consciousness. Those who enter the temple are said to be transformed by its energies, and become one with the Ascended & Inner Earth Masters. This powerful training takes you on a journey to the Heart of the Holy Universal Mother, Her Divine Gnosis and how you can embody this sacred energy and wisdom for this time of great change. You will also meet the High Priests of Shambhala and learn about the innermost secrets of the White Flame. The White Flame Facilitator Training is a sacred program that teaches you how to purify your consciousness and connect with the wisdom of the Great mother creatrix, Sophia/Mary/Isis. You will learn how to work with High Priests and Masters to raise your consciousness to the 7th dimension and way beyond, and connect with the inner earth masters. This training is perfect for anyone who wishes to deepen their spiritual practice and become a true facilitator of change in service to humanity and to fully step into who you truly are. This intensive training provides everything you need to know about facilitating spiritual transformation for others. You’ll learn about the powerful energies of the Holy Universal Mother, the importance of purity and sacredness, and how to connect with the Ascended Masters of Shambhala. The 4 days is carefully designed for those who are called to support others on their journey of spiritual awakening. It is perfect for those who want to deepen their own connection with Source energy and expand their consciousness to facilitate healing on others and planetary and Universal Ascension. If you’re ready to take your spiritual practice to the next level, then please get in touch at stellar432@gmail.com Love and blessings, Stellar Newgrange is the Womb of Isis now lit by the White Flame, over-lighted by the Ascended Masters of Shambhala. “We High Priests of the White Flame, in the presence of all Beings of Light, of the White Brotherhood, of the Ascended Masters, we affirm that the Sacred Flame of the Divine Feminine Christ, is solemnly lit in the Crystal Palace of Lemuria-Atlantis. The divine flame of Sophia is Alive to illuminate all beings of the Universe and of this Earth. You are all in the Awakening. In the Sacred Light of Cosmic Wisdom, in Unconditional Love, in Freedom from all kinds of slavery. We are Divine Beings, flow of the One Divine Source. Today the prophecy of Light has been fulfilled, with the celebration of the Sacred White Flame, that love, joy, freedom, peace, wisdom, trust, understanding, flood our Lives with waterfalls of white adamantine light. From here to eternity.” ~ The High Priests of the White Flame – 26/7/2022 The White Flame is the sacred flame of of all creation, Purity, Clarity, Integrity, Unconditional Love, Divine Truth and indeed the Universal Feminine Christ. This flame has now returned to the Earth after being removed over 26,000 years ago to allow the fall into the shadow yuga period of time. That time is now over and the White Flame has returned to the Earth to begin the new codes of the super-human DNA. This is a profoundly transfigurative process which will develop long after your training, working with the White Flame Keys and Codes, the Power of Unconditional Love, and the Flames of Illumination, Resurrection and Purity. In level one training we will discover over 4 days
  • Sitting with the Masters of Shambhala and Isis and receiving their codings.
  • Receiving the White Flame keys and codes for transformative healing.
  • Series of initiations, activations, meditations and wisdom teachings.
  • Working with the resurrection flame.
  • Sacred tools of the white flame for use in physical and quantum healing.
  • Sacred attunements of Mary Magdalenes Codes.
  • Divine Mother Healing Codes, sacred symbols, sounds, sacred geometries and sacred objects.
Expect massive change and transformation as your healing practice becomes super-powered to the next level. Contact stellar432@gmail.com for more information

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