Magdalene Codes

Please listen with headphones for optimum effect. Please take some time to sit back, relax and allow these sounds to permeate your entire being with the Love in which they were created. The sounds are an activation, initiation and sacred ceremony all in one. From the feedback we have had, it gets better and better the more you listen, so headphones are a preferable way to enjoy this true emanation of The Way of Love and the Magdalene Codes for this time. This album is dedicated to Mary Magdalene, teacher of Love and high Priestess of the Goddess Isis, as we bring this resonance of the heart through for all to enjoy and remember The Way of Love. Also dedicated dear artist and friend Luc Tibor Erdos who brought the priestesses back to France. We fondly remember you dear brother. And a special dedication to my Beloved who supports me with his honour, strength, courage and Love.