Rosa Mystica Meditations

Please listen with headphones for optimum effect. The Rosa Mystica is known to be the most beautiful flower of the heavens and is representative of the Divine Mother energy. The Rosa Mystica Meditations were recorded live during the creation of the e-book, The New Magdalene Codex – Anchoring the new Rose Mysteries of Ascension. These are a series of powerful guided Meditations and Activations of the Cosmic Rose temples in the quantum superconscious reality guided by Stellar. There is a deeply beautiful essential oil created by Diana Dubrow of the Emerald Temple called the Rosa Mystica anointing oil, which is a divine blend of three sacred roses. Rosa Mystica is the sacred anointing oil used by the Sisterhood of the Rose. It is the anointing oil of blessing, consecration, purification and healing. The alchemical frequencies of this trinity create a field of protection and empowerment. As the oil touches the skin and the scent is inhaled the fragrance and frequencies awaken deep healing and mystical love.