The Temple of the White Flame

White Flame Facilitator Training Level One

Investment £1,111.00

The White Flame is the sacred flame of the the Divine Mother.

It contains the codes of Purity, Clarity, Integrity, Unconditional Love, Divine Truth and indeed the Universal Feminine Christ, This flame has now returned to the Earth after being removed over 22,000 years ago to allow the fall into the shadow yuga period of time. That time is now over and the White Flame has returned to the Earth to being the new codes of the super-human.

The White Flame is also known as the Ascension Flame of Isis and holds the Divine Feminine Keys and Codes, Knowledge and the Sacred Tones, Sacred Geometries, Physics, and Pyramidal Energies for the foundations of the New Earth.

This is a profoundly transfgurative process which will develop long after your training, working with the White Flame Keys and Codes, the Power of Unconditional Love, and the Flames of Illumination, Resurrection and Purity.

In level one training we will discover over 4 days
– Sitting with the Masters of Shambhala and Isis and receiving their codings – Receiving the White Flame keys and codes for transformative healing.
– Series of initiations, activations, meditations and wisdom teachings.
– Working with the resurrection flame
– Sacred tools of the white flame for use in physical and quantum healing.
– Divine Mother Healing Codes, sacred symbols, sacred geometries and sacred objects.